Youth subcultures: Theory, history and the Australian experience

Table of contents


Youth studies: Debate and diversity
Rob White

Part 1 Theory

Reassessing street kids: A critique of subculture theory 
Gordon Tait

Youth theory: Marx or Foucault? 
Howard Sercombe

Marxism and subculture 
Sean Moysey

Sub-versions: Feminist perspectives on youth subcultures 
Sandra Taylor

Cultural studies, youth culture and delinquency
Kerry Carrington

Part 2 Research

'Youth culture': Disturbing priorities?
Bruce Wilson and Johanna Wyn

Youth: Toward an ecological theory of value 
Tony Knight

Young people researching their own cultures 
Bev Beasley

Doing ethnography with young people: How and why?
Rob Watts

Young women’s complex lives and the idea of youth transitions
Jennifer Buchanan

Youth subcultures, deviancy and the media
Paul Walton

Part 3 History

On the streets: Working class youth culture in the nineteenth century
Lynette Finch

A patchwork: The life-worlds and 'cultures' of young Australians: 1900–1950
Judith Bessant

Bodgies and Widgies: Just working-class kids doing working-class things
Jon Stratton

Youth, class and subcultures in riots at the Bathurst bike races
Chris Cunneen and Rob Lynch

Reflections on youth subcultures
Kenneth Polk

Part 4 Experiences

Youth-generated cultures in Western Sydney
Linda Forrester

Aboriginal young people and youth subcultures
Dave Palmer & Len Collard

Like, I’ll tell you what happened from experience … Perspectives on Italo-Australian youth gangs in Adelaide
Paula M. Foote

Islands in the mainstream: Creating cultures of disability to control young people
Roger Slee and Sandy Cook

In: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Out: Jason Donovan: The current ins and outs of Tasmanian adolescent peer groups
Carey Denholm

Girls, schooling and subcultures of resistance
Linley Walker

Youth subcultures and resistance: Desperately seeking solutions
Mark McFadden

Youth culture and academic performance: The creation of counter-cultures
Jim Walker

Measuring VET participation by socioeconomic status: an examination of the robustness of ABS SEIFA measures over time

This report from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research reviews the methodologies used in ABS and NCVER statistical reports which measure the variation of VET participation rates against socio-economic indexes for areas. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Towards a performance measurement framework for equity in higher education

This report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provides an overview of the development of a potential performance measurement framework for equity in higher education (MFE) to measure progress and gaps in access to and participation in higher education for under-represented groups (Indigenous Australians, those from low socioeconomic status areas, people who live in regional and remote areas, and people with disability). Original article

23 Jul 2014

Mayors share their views at youth leadership seminar

Albury and Wodonga’s mayors shared their insights on how to become strong and effective leaders with 30 Border Bhutanese teenagers at a youth leadership seminar in Wodonga. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Data shows young readers prefer paper books to e-books

According to figures from Australia’s largest bookseller Dymocks, 95 per cent of Australians under 30 said they preferred the hard copy book format over the digital versions. Original article

23 Jul 2014

Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network: Malaysia flight 17 disaster

Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network provides information to help children and young people, and their families, cope with traumatic events. Original article

23 Jul 2014

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