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Generation why us: tax break could change lives

Opinion piece from Sydney Morning Herald writer Jessica Irvine on how the Australian tax system is skewed against young people.  Original article

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child and Family Portal

The Knwoledge Circle, a resource that provides support to a range of professionals working across a variety of interrelated sectors. Providing information for service providers, researchers and policy-makers, who are encouraged to explore this site and to share their stories about "what works" to keep their children safe and happy.

23 Jan 2015

Uni summer program targeting disadvantaged youth

A two week university program at UTS is targeting young people from low socio-economic backgrounds with the hopes of getting more young people into university education. 

23 Jan 2015

Out of home care strategies 2015-2020 Community Services

Out of home care services in the ACT and around Australia are currently facing many challenges including how to respond to rising demand for out of home care places and difficulties in attracting and retaining foster carers. In addition, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people are significantly over represented among care populations and life outcomes for many care leavers continue to be poor.

23 Jan 2015

National Training Complaints Hotline

Protecting students and making it easier to report complaints:

Students, apprentices and employers now have access to the National Training Complaints Hotline. A joint Commonwealth, state and territory government initiative which helps apprentices and students to lodge complaints and serves employers concerned about any aspect of the training system and directs the complaints to relevant authorities.




23 Jan 2015

Meet our Future Chasers

Australia Day provides an opportunity to let people of all nations learn more about the positive contribution young Australians, and an Australian education, makes to the global community. Culminating on 26 January 2015, Australia Day, the Future Chasers: Australian Experiences, Global Impact campaign profiles 19 young decision-makers helping to define the next generation’s success and influence. The campaign will tell the stories of 15 young Australians and four international alumni.

22 Jan 2015

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