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Number 219, November 2014

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New LSAY publications

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth annual report 2013 and Youth transitions in Australia: A moving picture, which highlights the key elements from the annual report. Original article

17 Dec 2014

Seclusion rates highest in adolescents

Information from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that seclusion rates in mental health facilities have fallen but are still highest for adolescents, although their period of seclusion is the shortest. Original article

17 Dec 2014

How to deal with exam results

ReachOut.com has a fact sheet online to help young people deal with exam results. Original article

17 Dec 2014

Heywire 2014 winners announced

Each year young people share their experiences of growing up in regional communities by submitting stories to the ABC in text, pictures, film or audio. Winners have their stories featured on the ABC and travel to Canberra for the Heywire Regional Youth Summit. Original article

17 Dec 2014

Apps by young people for young people

Adappt, a social-purpose app development program designed to encourage young Australians to use technology as a tool for creating positive social change, has announced its five 2014 winners in early December. One of the winning teams is Kangka Merri Nurndine (or “talk, hear, forever”) an app created by three Indigenous Mornington Island teenagers who want to preserve their culture. Original article

17 Dec 2014

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